10/3/2009 - Double Ten Celebration Performance

The Cupertino Kung-fu Club and Rainbow Chinese School Kung-fu program teamed up to perform at the annual Double Ten Ceremony that celebrates the National Day for the Republic of China. The performance started off with Shuai-chiao belt cracking drills led by Trevor Wong. Belt cracking combines agility, footwork, power, posture, seed, and strength building that is unique to the ancient style of Shuai-chiao. Next, Black belt Aaron Wong performed with fellow club member Emeric Chen Hsing-jing chuan. Then club members excited the crowd with our mat performance starting with a entry of rolls and jump rolls capped with Antonio Ting jumping over 4 other performers! Next Mariam Miller exhibited a variety of throws and self-defense techniques with Corey Wong and Leonard Ting. The club has proudly trained many female martial artist and national champions! Finally, to cap off the performance, Antonio Ting and Trevor Wong came back out to show higher level throws. The crowd cheered as they saw the dynamic and power of Shuai-chiao throws.