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Aaron Wong and Emeric Chen successfully pass 2nd Degree Black Belt. Congratulations to our long time Club members who were promoted by Dr. Chi-hsiu Weng. Emeric coaches at the Club whereas Aaron who has been training at the club since he was 8 years old has recently graduated from UC Santa Cruz and will be moving to Seattle, Washington to take on a job at Microsoft and continue his teaching and training in the Seattle area.


The Cupertino Kung-fu Club was one of the sponsors for this year’s 29th TCAAT Shuai-chiao tournament held at San Jose State University.

Many competitors came from all over to compete in this year’s event where many of our own club members participated. Our own Emeric Chen was the Tournament Director and did ane excellent job running a smooth and professional tournament.

Many of our children participated in the tournament and most medaled in the top 3. Whereas we had some of our teenagers compete in the adult divisions and did very well. Special congratulations go out to Tom Shih (15 years old) as well as our first >40 year old competitor Dr. Chien Liu who placed 3rd in his division.

For more information, you can also go to the USAShuaijiao facebook site or


European National Tournament, Milano, Italy

Great Lakes National Championships


End of the year, Coach's Banquet

European National Tournament, Milano, Italy

TCAAT 2012 Results

Great Lakes National Championships


Double Tenth Performance

TCAAT 2011 Results

Great Lakes National Championships

10/10/10: Club performs in Double Ten Celebration

There will be two full adult teams male/females to this tournament. Priority will be given to 2012 National Champions from Cleveland from order of medals. The organizing committee will be sponsoring the team while in China. This includes local transportation, food, housing. Regardless of whether you placed in the nationals, if you are interested, please contact us to express your interest. The coordinator for this event is Jan-Yu Weng, at

Read more and see pictures here.

10/1/10 : New Adult Kung-fu Class Opens on Friday.

Contact Coach Jan-Yu for more information.

5/16/2010: Club Promotions

Several students tested for their next belt test. Special congratulations to Emeric Chen who was promoted to 9th Teng (1st Degree Black Belt).Read more and see pictures here.

4/24/2010: National Championship in Cleveland, OH.

The United States Shuai-chiao Association National Championship was held at the beautiful Case University Campus in Cleveland, OH. The Club was proud that this year's National Champion in the 180lb Men's class was our own, Emeric Chen. Also in the heavyweight Teenager weight class, Corey Wong took 2nd Place. Next tournament is Sept. 4 in Las Vegas, see Coach Jan-Yu for more information.

1/24/2010: San Diego Regional Kung-fu Tournament

The Cupertino Kung-fu Club sent several students to the regional tournament sponsored by International Martial Arts Championship. The Shuai-chiao division was run by a team of United States Shuai-chiao Association Black belts. Read more and see pictures here.

10/3/2009: Double Ten Celebration Performance

The Cupertino Kung-fu Club and Rainbow Chinese School Kung-fu program teamed up to perform at the annual Double Ten Ceremony that celebrates the National Day for the Republic of China. Read more and see pictures here.

8/16/2009 - Charles Lin promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt

Reigning USSA National Champion and current Sophomore at Princeton University was promoted to 2nd Degree Black Belt by Dr. Weng.

5/17/09 - Belt Promotion of Aaron Wong and Robert Chen to 1st Degree Black Belt and Nick Masi to 2nd Degree Black Belt.

Read more and see pictures here.