What Styles We Teach at Cupertino Kung-Fu Club

shuai chiao

Shuai-chiao or Shuaijiao

The oldest form of Kung-fu, dating back to the days of Huan-Ti, the "Yellow Emperor" (2700 B.C.) Shuai-chiao or Shuaijiao, when translated, means "competing to throw." Combines multiple aspects of a complete martial art encompassing: Blocking, low kicking, leg tangling, tripping, join controls, and a variety of hand strikes. Whether used for sport, conditioning, and/or self-defense, this ancient art used by the Chinese military and police is practical and safe to practice.

tai chi

Tai-chi Chuan

Also known as "shadow boxing," Tai-chi is a soft and flowing system that emphasizes balanced and firm footwork, twisting waist movements, and circular hand techniques. Tai-chi is done slowly and focuses on relaxation and developing proper habits in posture, breathing, and mind-body coordination. Tai-chi is also noted for its reputation as a healing exercise, and its theories and practices comply with many theories of Chinese health and medicine.

cardio tai chi

Cardio Tai-chi

Cardio Tai-Chi is a combination of ancient Chinese martial arts and modern sports science. It is a high energy, low-impact exercise based on the philosophies of Tai-chi Chuan and a holistic health system. Using an innovative teaching approach, the "Tai-Chi Bird" story, Cardio Tai-chi is easy to learn, remember, and practice by oneself or in groups. Cardio Tai-chi was developed to provide a high-intensity workout that minimized risk to the joints, ligaments, and muscles. Cardio Tai-chi maintains a high level of intensity while remaining less aggressive than other martial arts based aerobic systems.

san shou


Also known as "chinese kickboxing" or "open style fighting" is near full contact competition that is widely accepted as a safe all around fighting sport that allows competitors with different fighting styles to compete under rules that allows those styles to compete against each other safely. Kicks, punches, and throws are incorporated with safety gear and rules designed to minimize risk of injury while allowing competitors to challenge their fighting skills. Students can practice for fitness or enter competition.