Why Join The Cupertino Kung-fu Club?

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Staying fit should be a lifetime goal! Martial arts should be a lifetime practice regardless of age or location. We teach practical stretches, training postures, forms, and drills that can be practiced anytime, anywhere for flexibility, conditioning, speed, and strength. In our classes, we focus on instruction that helps you use kung-fu training as a way to ensure physical fitness throughout your life.

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We teach practical applications for self-defense that enables our students to be more aware of their surroundings, develop reflexes, and confidence that will improve their chances of escaping from a hostile situation. We teach these techniques in a safe way that emphasizes controlling the situation and counterattacks that are quick and effective.

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Often times, those who learn martial arts realize they actually have less conflict in life. Physical training should always be included with mental strength. Self Control can be taught is many ways.

For young children, we focus on clear structured learning, balance, attention, and discipline, combined with hand-eye coordination and exercises to improve their flexibility and agility. We have seen that young children gain a development edge in their early childhood both physically and in maturity. For teenagers and adult, we focus on self confidence, concentration and discipline.

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A safe, effective way for our students to measure and improve their skills and mental toughness in a live and full speed environment. Whether this is in our regular class, traveling within the U.S. or even to an international location, it is a value experience that we recommend all our students to try. The whole process of training, mental readiness, pre-competition jitters, in-match challenges, and finally the result of winning or losing is not only a valuable development for a martial artist but also a great character builder. Competition is also a great team builder as the Club has produced numerous National Champions in Shuai-chiao, San-shou, and Tai-chi.

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The main styles of kung-fu we teach, Tai-chi and Shuai-chiao are over 3000 years old. They are woven into the rich history of China. Our teachers come from a lineage that goes back to the modern historical legend, Grandmaster Ch'ang Tung Shen, "The Flying Butterfly". The Club has sent numerous competitors internationally as part of Team USA. This has been an tremendous opportunity for our students to enjoy the diversity and uniqueness of other countries and cultures.